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In Memoriam: Pong
Resident Cat, Receptionist, and all-around Helper

In 1998 two 10 week old kittens were found by a client at the Marlborough Golf course. The kittens were adopted by the office manager of the clinic and brought home where they were so active they appeared to be bouncing off the walls like ping pong balls, hence their names. Pong, who was a bit obsessive compulsive and required much more attention, was later brought to the clinic to live where there was lots of activity to make him happy.

Very friendly and gentle, Pong was also a fearless cat. Nothing fazed him other than being held, which he hated. He was the cat often seen wearing a tie...he had a whole rack of them, for he believed in being well dressed at all times. He was an excellent receptionist especially with the computer and phones. He also enjoyed greeting pets and clients, attacking his favorite chair (the beat-up looking one in reception), and knocking things off of counter-tops. When he was not working, he spent his time with the other resident cats.

In February of 2014, we lost sweet Pong when he finally succumbed to kidney disease. We enjoyed 16 years together and we miss him so very much. He will always be a part of this clinic in our memories, pictures and countless stories.

  • Debra Cassinelli
    Office Manager

    Debbie came to Compassion veterinary Clinic as a volunteer in 1995 when the staff consisted of 3 people; the Veterinarian and 2 assistants.  Throughout the years, as the clinic has grown, she has worn many hats, and continues to do so.  Some of these roles were born out of necessity (i.e.: appliance/equipment repair, IT), while getting on-the job training to perform roles as a veterinary assistant/technician, receptionist, HR manager, and office manager.  All of these experiences have allowed Debbie to pursue a love of learning, which is never ending and makes working at Compassion Veterinary Clinic so full-filling to her.

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  • Tiffany S
    HR Manager / Technician / Receptionist

    Tiffany has been a part of our CVC family since 2013.  She has worked in almost every position of our clinic  and is knowledgeable in several aspects of the veterinary field.

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  • Lisa S

    Lisa has worked in the veterinary field for over 20 years.  She started her career in Vancouver, Canada before moving back to Massachusetts in the fall of 2006.  After a stint at a clinic in Natick, we were fortunate to have Lisa join our team in the summer of 2018, where she initially worked as both a technician and receptionist.  She has since moved up to the front desk full time. There she can be found greeting clients, all while fawning over their animals.  She is especially fond of pugs and currently has two of her own.

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  • Brittney A
    Receptionist / Technician

    Brittney became a member of our staff in the fall of 2010. Although she came with some experience, we were impressed with how quick she was to prove herself and she did it well. Her thoroughness is an asset and she often surprises us by pointing out certain details we may have overlooked.

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  • Pam A

    Pam joined the Compassion Veterinary Clinic team in 2021 as a receptionist.  With over 20 years of experience in customer service, she is wonderful with all our clients, both human and furry.  very much liked by staff as well, Pam always has a friendly greeting and has the ability to remain calm, patient, friendly and courteous in the most stressful situations.  

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