Debra Cassinelli

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Debra Cassinelli
Office Manager

Debbie came to Compassion veterinary Clinic as a volunteer in 1995 when the staff consisted of 3 people; the Veterinarian and 2 assistants.  Throughout the years, as the clinic has grown, she has worn many hats, and continues to do so.  Some of these roles were born out of necessity (i.e.: appliance/equipment repair, IT), while getting on-the job training to perform roles as a veterinary assistant/technician, receptionist, HR manager, and office manager.  All of these experiences have allowed Debbie to pursue a love of learning, which is never ending and makes working at Compassion Veterinary Clinic so full-filling to her.

Debbie graduated from Fitchburg State College in 1984 with a degree in Biology.  She acquired an assistantship to attend school at the University of Pittsburgh, where she pursued a masters and PhD in Exercise Physiology.  As head of the Human Energy lab, she was an active participant in multiple exciting research studies, involving the capabilities and limitations of the human body. 

As with many people's lives, circumstances altered Debbie's direction, and she came back to Marlborough and started a new path when she walked into CVC, looking to volunteer.  Having always wanted to work with animals, she found her true calling and with Dr. Patil's guidance, has been able to grow with the clinic throughout the years. Debbie feels the whole of CVC, including the staff, patients and clients make the work experience truly rewarding. 

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