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Tiffany S

Meet the friendly staff at Compassion Veterinary Clinic!

Tiffany S
HR Manager, Technician, Reception

Tiffany has been a part of our CVC family since 2013.  She has worked in almost every position of our clinic  and is knowledgeable in several aspects of the veterinary field.

Being a human mother also, her maternal instinct makes her quick to tend to other's needs.  She will be the first person to tell you if something is a bad idea or dangerous, when you should see a doctor, or when you should speak up.  Tiffany has made a point to be the voice of her co-workers as well as out clientele, by pushing to make working conditions more desirable and treatment/patient care more streamline.  

Like most moms, Tiffany has the uncanny ability to recognize when someone isn't feeling well, confused or upset...and she will get to the bottom of it immediately!  We would be lost without our clinic mom, and are so happy to have Tiffany on our side.